Susie is a dynamic workshop leader as well as a talented singer-songwriter, voice tutor and composer for choirs. She tours with her popular harmony singing wourkshops and Alchemy of Song and Sharing the Music courses internationally, working to integrate the joy of singing into many sectors of modern society. She is currently in the final stages of producing her debut album 'Song of a Thousand Leaves' and is looking forward to sharing it with everyone.


Over and over again I see the powerful way that singing in harmony dissolves barriers between people and creates a true feeling of unity that comes straight from the heart. We have learned to rely so much on our intellect to communicate and resolve problems – and yet i see that opening our voices and coming together in harmony can be an effective short cut to true human connection. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if the whole world were singing together – Peace would surely find its way more easily – for how can there be war if we are singing, the two are like oil and water...

In the last few years I have also had the wonderful privilege to work with my amazing father, Nick Prater, co-leading day and weekend workshops across the UK.  He was my greatest inspiration and I am proud to be continuing his work after his journey t the other realms on 24th Dec 2013