The Alchemy of Song

The Alchemy of Song is a unique weekend residential course in creating song through harmonisation and improvisation.

The weekend includes exploring melody, lyrics and rhythm as well as open and free improvisation. Chord structure will also be covered in an experiential and non daunting way.

With the help of creative tools and inspiring exercises participants are guided to dive into their full creative potential, allowing a deeper understanding of the way in which harmony weaves together.

There will be a chance to put new skills into practice by working in smaller groups and participants often find that they surprised and delighted with the incredible pieces that can be created in such a short space of time.

If you are a choir leader or song creator this course can give you a new perspective on your creative process and how you work with groups. If you are purely a singer who longs to explore harmony and uninhibited improvisation this course has much to offer you as well.

Come and learn to access the infinite River of Song that flows underneath us at all times!


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