Song-Writing Coaching

If you are a practicing or aspring singer/song-writer who could do with some creative support and song-writing guidence I would be so happy to meet you, hear your songs and go on a journey with you to release your greatest potetial as a creator of song! We will break through all the things that stop you from letting the music pour out, look at performance techniques and facing the fear of sharing your gifts with others. Depending on what you want we could look at mic tequnique and how to deal with the daunting world of recording. We will work intimately with lyrics, melody and my personal favourite, harmony. we can also explore how to be a backing singer and use your voice to support someone elses music. How do you draw an audience into your world and allow them to totally relax into the beauty of what you share? We will explore song structures but also letting go of all of the limitations of TRYING to write a song and see where we are taken when the mind doesn't get involved. Looking at the magical alchemy between the spontinaeity of inspiration and the need to capture and structure your songs into presentable works of art. 

I work in Totnes and charge £30 per hour.