I have been surrounded by music and singing all my life. Because of my dad's work harmony has filtered into my understanding very gracefully and I remember at a young age learning the bass or alto parts to some favourite African songs or Christmas charols and enjoying the challenge of holding my voice against other melodies. 

I was born in New Zealand, and grew up surrounded by nature in the Coromandel Peninsula and later in West Auckland. At the age of 9, we (my parents, older bother and sister) moved to England where I continued my ever inspiring and creative Steiner Education - first in Wales, then Ringwood, Dorset, then Forest Row in East Sussex. Throughout these years (and up until the present day) the Unicorn Natural Voice Camp has played a huge part in my life - first being a child there, absorbing sound and playing freely in a community environment - then a tweenie - and then a naughty teenager!

I was 18 when I became a voice teacher at the camp (well known for it's widely acclaimed Natural Voice Practitioners and other choir leaders). I started with leading the 60 or more teenagers of the camp - we became renowned for our energetic, tight and complex performances - here's the last performance I did with the Teens in 2010 - it is based on a song by Nick Prater but, as you can hear, we took it in wild and wonderful directions. All of what you hear (apart from the original arrangement beginning and ending) we created as a collaboration in the week we were at Camp. We had the longest standing ovation the camp has seen after this performance.

Silver City - track 4 on the Susie Ro & Ayla 'She and I' album - was written in Falmouth, Cornwall when i was 20 - it was a stream of consciousness song that didn't start out as 'a real song' but was brought to me by waves and wind. After it came to me I sat and reflected on it and I felt my childhood times in Coromandel so strongly... a song of imagination and dream-like fairytale - like my childhood.


Travels through India, Cambodia, Mexico on horse back, yoga in Thailand, even a year of University in Norwich, all led me to the same conclusion and understanding of myself; I am here to sing. No, more than that, I am here to inspire the world to sing together in harmony! Below is a song that I wrote in the mountains of mexico with 15 people and 18 horses - although my adventure was amazing, my heart was burning to start my work - how wonderful it was to see how my dreams had manifested when singing this song with the people of Unicorn Natural Voice Camp in 2013.