Collaborations & Session Singing

After being surrounded by harmony most of my life backing-singing and writing harmony parts for other artists is a real joy for me. It's my great pleasure to have worked with some fantastic artists over the years. More recently I've been asked to sing on some new album projects where my sole (& soul!) requirement is to close my eyes and let music, melody, lyrics and layers of harmony pour out - creative expression without limits. 

Here is a track I sang on 3 years ago for an artist called Maejus. This is an example of when I just let the music flow through in a steam of consciouness style. I also enjoy composing and orchastrating specific vocals parts on many genres of music.


I have been doing a lot of work singing for 5-rhythms dance classes and similar free-form dance sessions. Sometimes I sing over a recorded track that the person who is holding the class chooses and sometimes I sing with a live band of musicians I have never met before - it is so wonderful to let my voice respond to what that particular moment draws out of it and to watch the dancers move to every pattern my music draws them.