Debut Album Update

 Song of a Thousand Leaves

 March 2017

"Wow what a truly epic year and a half it's been! I never could have imagined the depth to which this album journey has taken me on, and I’m feeling so excited about sharing the final creation with you all! The eleven songs on this album span almost a decade (I wrote the earliest composition 'Silver City' when I was 21!) and each one has been a journey of its own - building layers of sound, finding just the write instruments to lift the song to its greatest potential.

There are so many details in the recording process that I never would have imagined, and the time it has taken for me to complete the project is a reflection of the depths to which I have thrown myself in to the process. We're on the last leg now and hoping to have it ready for your ears and hearts by Autumn 2017. A massive thank you to all those who funded the recording of it and thanks so much for your patience in receiving it!

Love Susie" 

This is Susie's original crowdfunding video, which tells you all about the album. The campaign is now closed but the album will be availbe to pre buy soon.