Harmony Singing Workshops

I lead singing workshops all over the country - these workshops are open to people of all singing abilities. I share songs from across the globe in full harmony, including my own compositions and arrangements. I have hand picked songs over years, and craft my workshops using deeply nourishing songs that have the ability to unlock your voice and open you heart, are easy to learn yet very powerful. Songs from Africa, from the Gospel and Spiritual traditions, songs of peace, freedom and joy in English and other languages. I often weave improvisations through the workshops, holding a relaxed space for people to really let their voices be free.  

Look out for workshops in: Bristol, Brighton, Forest Row, Hull, Glastonbury, Totnes, Warwickshire, Dorset, Suffolk, Cornwall, London, Findhorn (Scotland), North Wales, Hertfordshire, Shewsbury. 

I am available to come and lead a workshops in your town - please contact me if you'd like to organise one :) - info@susiero.co.uk

My upcoming workshops