Nick Prater

What an honour to have had this man as my father. He has been my biggest inspiration and has taught me all that I know over the years. In his incredible life Nick has given people so much through his songs and humble presence, and inspired joy and hope in so many hearts and voices. 

He was a renowned pioneer of the community choir movement and for the last 35 years enthusiastically encouraged people of all walks of life to sing together. 

On 24th December 2013 he made his big journey across to the other realms. We received so much love from all directions, it was truly a magical time. Choirs all over the country were singing Dad's songs, and it is such an honour to continue sharing them. I always teach at least one of his songs at every workshop that I run. 

He published four books of his songs, ‘Heaven in my Heart’, ‘Every time I Feel the Spirit’, ‘Morning Has come’  and ‘Come my Sisters, Come my Brothers’, a Teacher’s resource arising from his many year’s work in Steiner Schools. 

These books are available from my products page and at the workshops I run.